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Bay Area residents have enjoyed a beautiful evening with the family by a fire for generations.  Those special nights are why even with modern central heating, having a chimney is still so popular.  Having a chimney in the Bay area also requires proper care and maintenance uniquely Californian.  We deal with seismic activity that puts pressure on the masonry work, as well as the corrosive salty air, both wreak havoc on your chimney.

With proper maintenance and care, California Chimney can protect your chimney and save you money over the long run.  From sweeping and inspections to fixing and repair we do it all.

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  • Working with Californiachimney has been a great experience, They have been super responsive and I sincerely look forward to working with their team!



We stand behind our work and always follow best practices from top associations such as the National Chimney Sweep Guild. We follow proper permitting requirements of Local Building Codes  and requirements and stay up to date.

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