Fire Hazard

Over time and use, chimneys get a coating of creosote on the walls. It’s a dark shiny substance and to the untrained eye may not seem like much. However, even the smallest amount of creosote is highly flammable and can cause a fire to catch inside the walls or on the roof resulting in a fire that quickly gets out of hand, putting your family at risk.

Health Risk

Creosote build up can clog the chimney obstructing the air ventilation. Sometimes you will notice this because of large amounts of smoke build up, but other times there may only be a small trace of smoke coming back in to the house.


The build up creosote and other debris in the chimney not only creates a greater risk of fire, it also puts your health at risk with smoke build up and can also damage the inside of your home. The smell and black stain of smoke is costly and nearly impossible to get out of furniture and clothing.

Trained Professionals

You may be tempted to do your own chimney cleaning but it is strongly recommended you hire a professional. When you select California Chimney for your service, you’re working with trained technicians who provide a progressive chimney examination and documentation, giving you the security of knowing it was done thoroughly.

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