Chimney cap with top damper

The damper is very important for an efficient chimney. If it is not working properly, then the airflow of your entire house can quickly become misaligned. Chimney dampers permit you to shut the chimney flue once the fireplace is not in use to stop heated or cooled air from escaping the house through the chimney.

Chimney Dampers

A fireplace damper is usually located in the throat of a masonry chimney just above the firebox and is a device that is meant to seal your fireplaceIf you presently have a damper in your chimney as many homes do, it may still leak energy when it is not in use. Dampers don’t have a seal so they will never be 100 percent closed.

A lock high chimney damper encompasses a seal at the highest point of the chimney to guarantee an air tight seal each time. Lock high chimney dampers also act as a rain cap, keeping rain and critters out of your chimney.

Business with California Chimney

With your estimate from California Chimney there is no need to worry about value. We tell you from the start our recommendations to save you money in the end and keep you safe. While some companies ask for tips and try to up-sell unnecessary materials, you can rest easy, knowing exactly what to expect.

Top-Sealing Damper

If your chimney damper is broken and you need a replacement, we recommend the top-sealing damper. These units perform many functions at the same time and will prevent lots of money in energy costs!

A top-sealing chimney damper functions as both damper and chimney cap. They keep water and debris out while keeping air in. Over time, these innovative units can save money on both heating and cooling bills just by making an air-tight seal.