Chase covers and chase pans are metal shields that go over the chimney pipe and cover the remainder of the gap to prevent rain, snow, animals, or debris from getting in. Unfortunately most home builders use galvanized steel as a less expensive material and over time these galvanized chase covers/chase pans rust and stain the roof or side of the house. Eventually, if not replaced, they will rot.

Correctly Installed Chimney Covers Stop Water Damage

A chimney cover is an important piece of the chimney to have. Not only does it keep the rain out, it also keeps birds, animals and debris out. If any of these get in to the chimney it could create improper ventilation. Carbon monoxide poisoning could be a result of this.


For safety reasons, many homeowners choose to have professionals install the chimney covers. It is money well spent to ensure it is done correctly. California Chimney are licensed technicians up to date on the latest materials and are committed to keeping you and your family safe.